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Come purchase directly from the studio to view to the space and gardens that inspire our unique creations. (by appointment only)

at the studio
Preview items that we offer for pickup or custom order from the studio

Bird House........ $22

Adorn your garden or yard with a functional art piece that provides a home for our feathered friends. (approximately 10"x 7")

Leaf Roof Bird House....$32

With a base that resembles a log and roof sculpted of leaves, this house can easily tuck in to any natural setting creating refuge for a bird.(approximately 10"x 8")

Chicken Chimes.....$18

These chickies let out a "ting ting chime" when the wind touches them. The chicken feet wiggle, causing the chicken egg to rattle against the body. (approximately 3"x 4")

Leaf Bird Bath

Garden Sculptures

Hand molded from actual leaves. These functional sculpted pieces provide water for our feathered friends as well as adorn out natural outdoor spaces.

Small (approximately 5"x 9"). . . . .  $12

Medium (approx. 12"x 18"). . . . . $21

Large (approx. 20"x 26"). . . . .  $26

These pieces are produced seasonally.

Available starting July 2022.  

Garden Markers

The Garden Markers are individual created, either with a common herbal name or a creative design. The markers are great for identifying the locations of items in the garden or embellish a natural space. Special requests for labels, design or color are always welcome.

(approximately 12"x 18")


Marker. . . . .  $7


3 Markers . . . . . $19

Fluttering Butterflies.....$11

Each individually sculpted and hand glazed piece is mounted on a metal stake to bring color to your garden.

Cat and Dog

Mug/Planter........ $32

These functional sculptures are playfully glazed to resemble a furry friend. They are painted with food safe glazes, if you choose to use for your favorite beverage, or you may choose to fill you animal vessel with a plant that has special significance to that animal. Catnip would be great for the cat.(approximately 5"x 3")

Request a custom glazed mug of your pet today!


Magic Mushrooms

Hand sculpted mushrooms are uniquely glazed to add a dimension of wonderment to your gardens.

Small (approximately 5"x 3"). . . ..  $9

Medium (approximately 5"x 3"). . . . . $11

LARGE (approximately 5"x 3"). . . . .  $14

Color samples

Heart Person.....$14

These encouraging statuettes bring a bright, uplifting spirit to your natural space. Each is glazed in an illuminating white, with speckles of soothing blues and greens while the heart that is thrusted upward is a vibrant red. The heart person is mounted on a metal rod that enables you to securely tuck one in a potted plant or garden space.

(approximately 1.5"x 5")

Sitting Dog.....$16

Embellish your natural space with one of our dutiful sitting dogs.  Each dog is hand sculpted using leaves, then uniquely glazed to accent the natural texture.

(approximately 5"x 3.5")

Catnip Toy.....$11

Three fuzzy toy mice are buried deep in our premium organic catnip. Pluck one from its nesting spot and enjoy an energized playtime with your cat. After each play session, return the mouse to the nesting spot to recharge its potency. 2oz. tin.

(approximately 2"x 3")

Cat Stamp of approval

Heart Pockets....... $21

These whimsical These cheeriful heart pockets are ideal for the included sprig of trailing sedum. All the pockets are in the shape of heart, but each is uniquely embossed with a variety of leaves, lace, flowers, noodles, etc.  and adorn with several accent beads. When ordering, select a color or color scheme. I will email a photograph of the options with in that range for your selection.(approximately 4"x 5")

Heart Saucers....... $8

These enchanting heart shaped sauces are just the size to hold small treasures. Each is uniquely embellished and glazed to create delightful footed heart saucer.

(approximately 4"x 5")


Chicken Dish.....$13

Bring a little whimsy to your table with a darling chicken shaped dish. Each chicken has a playful dot pattern or speckle glaze. 


Tiny Flowers

These little flowers create an ever lasting bouquet. Each flower is uniquely sculpted and glazed. No two flowers are alike, making for beautiful realist representation of a cheerful bouquet of flowers.

Flowers are sold individually. Vase not included. 

Tiny (approximately 5"x 1"). . . ..  $3

Small (approximately 5"x 1.25"). . . . . $4

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